Shell on Stand Set of 3 Larger

Material: Wood
Color: Natural white wash
Type: Shell on stand
W151B: 20 x 8 x 23 cm
W151C: 22 x 9 x 28 cm
W151D: 26 x 9 x 33 cm
W151B: 0.26 kg
W151C: 0.41 kg
W151D: 0.58 kg

SKU: W151A, W151B, W151C, W151D Category:

Wooden Birds on the Nest Decor, Canary Love Sculpture, Couple Figurine, Egg, Handicraft, Wood Carving, Statue, Ornament, Art, Parents Gift, Personalized, Customized Parasite wood refers to a plant that grows in the host plant called Chinaberry. The roots of parasite wood are rose-like shaped, making them look impressively unique. However, parasite woods are rarely taken into account by many people and are merely used as firewood. But I choose to process them in the right way and these parasite woods eventually turn into fine statues. Besides parasite wood, jempinis wood is also utilized as a combination. The statues are hand-made by skilled Balinese artisans, so it does not resemble 100%. They are very suitable for display at home or for souvenirs.


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