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A delightful handicraft supplier. Come from Bali to the Worldwide.

KrafKraf is a supplier of handicrafts and room decorations based in Bali, Indonesia. We supply various collections of Balinese-made handicrafts which are made of wood, wooden roots, erosion woods, bamboo, glasses, stones, fabrics, polyresins, earthenwares, and metals. We are always eager to establish a business relationship with you, whether you are a reseller, retailer, wholesaler, or global distributor.

Our main goal is to introduce Balinese handicraft products to the world. We are also welcome to special design requests from our customers. We work professionally and always uphold our commitment to run this business with the aim of mutual trust and benefit. The novelty of the product while still carrying the uniqueness and exoticism of Balinese handicraft products is something you will get.

You can see our collections on this website, and you can also find us on some marketplace platforms, such as Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba and Etsy.

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