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Coconut Turtle Statue

Wooden Coconut Turtle looks beautiful. We choose to process them in the right way and these parasite woods eventually turn into fine statues. Besides parasite wood, jempinis wood is also utilized as a combination. The statues are hand-made by skilled Balinese artisans, so it does not resemble 100%. They are very suitable for display at home or for souvenirs.

The Beuty Glass Root

Round Glass Root

Beautiful Handmade Blown Glass Vase or Fish Tank and can be used for many different purposes. Unique home decor unit, can be used any room in your house to create eco friendly and cosy atmosphere. 

The Bottle Holder

Coconut Flamingo Bottle Holder

Wooden Flamingo on the Nest Decor, Canary Love Sculpture, Couple Figurine, Egg, Handicraft, Wood Carving, Statue, Ornament, Art, Parents Gift, Personalized, Customized Parasite wood refers to a plant that grows in the host plant called Chinaberry. 

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